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                                    About Us

My family have always had  dogs, my mother bred English Cocker Spaniels  under the Langdale prefix in the 1950/60s she then had a St Bernard that I showed for her in the 70s.

I have always been involved with dogs and horses.

I started showing and breeding my own dogs in the late 1970's, firstly with  Rough Coated Collies (Stoney Ridge Kennels) then Irish and Gordon Setters (Gensett Kennels).

I then had a big break from purebred dogs to concentrate on breeding, showing and endurance                       riding our purebred Arabian horses ( Ishta Lodge Arabians ).

A car accident followed by a mountain biking accident ended my riding career and the death of my beloved part-bred Labrador, Clyde at 15 years old saw me on the hunt for a pedigree standard poodle.

I found Lacey, ( Phab's Lace and Fineness) a lovely Parti-Colour bitch who has since been                                                            spayed and rehomed.

In 2016 Due to ongoing problems from my accidents that has made showing the

standards difficult we have decided to downsize to Miniature poodles --- we will be showing and later breeding silver, silver beige and white Miniatures.

Lacey who started it all

                                      Miss Bea, Floyd, and Libby Jan 2016

  In 2011 from Tannah poodles Aust we obtained a stunning black female standard puppy Miss Bea (NZ CH Tannah Opal Night) now spayed and working as an autism service dog and Rufus (Tannah Red Hot Chili) now living with Jenny and family in Hamilton

                                                        Our dogs are house dogs. 

   They spend a lot of time on the farm where they hunt, swim and run to their hearts delight                                                    making them happy, healthy fit dogs.

    Jorj, Bruno, Miss Bea and Gem June 2016, Bea is the mother of all three from different litters