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                                    Casual Photos

 Mum I need my hair done :-)  Libby 14 months 


               Libby at 12 months on the move




             From the litter Rufus/Lacey 2012

                   Grace looking cool

              2013 Litter -- Rufus/Bea

            2014 Litter Rufus/Bea @ 2 weeks

    Creating Havoc at 6 weeks. Dougal and Indiana                  with Schmitten the new kitten

      Monty and Schmitten having a game both eight                                weeks old


               Bea / Rufus 2015 Litter

 Bella, Schmitten the kitten ( 10 months) and Marco

Aesop, Onyx and Bonnie  from Skyes 2015 litter 5                                       weeks

     5 weeks with Mum Skye and Nanna Bea

  Bonnie at 12 weeks playing with the 5 week old                                    babies

                Storm & Floyd 10 weeks

        Grace from a litter by Rufus and Cosalta                         Silver Breeze for Shantar Poodles

                  The Gorgeous Grace !!

    Even Jack ( the working dog) gets called on to                                          babysit !

     4 weeks old and looking so cute.  Monty

        The very best place to sleep !!  Dougal


                     Charlie and Abby


       Bonnie 14 weeks and Libby 10 months

                Libby in top gear 

Chamarre's Indiana Red, daughter of Bea and Rufus  and Owner Lindsey Walker

Indy is just starting on her Agility and Jumpers competitions 2016.

Indy is now sadly deceased May 2017 she will be greatly missed.